ItalSystem s.r.l. provides specialized SAP training courses aimed at acquiring of the main skills in ABAP 4 programming and the notions of base of the logistic modules concerning the Master Data Management and MM (Material Management), with particular focus in the aeronautic field.



It is the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) used by medium and large companies. It is an integrated management software that manages the processes related to any economic aspects, from accounting to production processes.



Provide basic knowledge for developing applications about SAP platform with the ABAP/4, the proprietary language of the SAP R/3 platform.

The training course will also introduce the concepts for the creation and management of Bill of Materials (BOM), offering an overview of the MM logistics module.



Recommended for high school graduated programmers, graduates or undergraduates in computer science, and those who want to learn the basics of SAP ABAP and increase their knowledge in the software development.



60 hours including 20 hours of tests and practice.


Total cost:

€ 650.00


Meetings –  The course will developed in 2 weeks as planned::

Week Days Time Hours per Day
1 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09.00 – 13.00 4
1 Tuesday e Thursday

09.00 – 13.00  e


8 (4 Theory – 4 Practice)
2 Monday, Friday 09.00 – 13.00 4
2 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

09.00 – 13.00  e


8 (4 Theory – 4 Practice)




ABAP/4 Introduction – Basics of the programming language on SAP R/3 platform.

Topics related to:

  • Logon system access
  • Detailed study of system functions Use of help
  • The Abap/4 development environment
  • Definition of data and structures
  • Screen management (Parameters, Selection Screen)
  • Data type and instructions in ABAP/4
  • Detailed study of the Abap/4 commands
  • Internal tables, types, field symbols
  • File Management
  • Examples of use with ALV GRID

ABAP/4 Data Dictionary – Tabelle, Elementi dati, Dominio, Strutture:

  • Object Definitions in the DB (SQL Abap)
  • Table creation and maintenance
  • Table views (SM30)
  • Creation of database tables (custom) -> Data element -> domain

ABAP/4 Open Sql

  • SELECT type and structures
  • Nested Select ABAP
  • Join ABAP
  • Population of internal ABAP tables with SAP database data

ABAP/4 Modularization:

  • Development objects: Function, Module-Pool, Include, Forms
  • Function development
  • Include creation
  • Module Pool development
  • Interface, Creation abd structure of a Module Pool
  • Dynpro, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Messaging
  • Linking the transaction codes

ABAP/4 Automation:

  • Introduction and methods of Batch Input/ Call Transaction
  • BAPI overview: applications and implementation
  • Job schedule (SM37)
  • Transport Organizer : Workbench Tool
  • Transport Organizer : Version Management
  • Debugger Tool

ABAP/4 Actions on Standard:

  • Structural extensions of the tables, Append
  • Standard programs (Program Exits), User Exit, Field Exit

SAP R/3 Overview about logistic module and Master data Management

with focus to supplier registry management and purchase order management.

SAP R/3 Overview about transactions Master data Management:

THE BoM – Bill of Material

  • BoM definition
  • Use of the platform for the creation of the basic material and extension to plant
  • Analysis and definition of the main material views and related attributes
  • Use of the platform for the creation and management of the BoM
  • Use of SAP Standard Functions for BoM Explosion


A final learning test will be submitted at the end of the course.

At the end of the activities, a certificate of attendance to the training course will be issued to each participant, reporting the main learning areas and exercises covered.

The more proficient students (participants) will be included in the company database and evaluated for possible job opportunities in partnership with some of the most important players in the area.


For more information and clarifications:

Mail address:

Tel.: 0825/784296.



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