Italsystem, on behalf of Leonardo SPA, performs activities of technical and engineering support for GBTS at the Comando “61° STORMO” of Italian Air Force in Galatina.


The activities developed by Italsystem at the Galatina air base and with interventions on-call at other military airports used by the Flight Group constituting the “61° STORMO” consist of:

  • Support for the installation of systems.
  • Technical support to GBTS for the training of pilots of the Italian Air Force and other Air Forces.
  • Management and maintenance of both hardware and software systems.
  • Registration and communication of Snag / bugs of the software of all systems making up the GBTS.
  • Drafting of Operating Manuals.
  • Support to military personnel for the creation of tactical scenarios.
  • Support to military personnel for the management and loading of VRMMs.
  • Support to military personnel for the use of the MPDS system for carrying out debriefings.


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