ItalSystem s.r.l. operates in the field of Computer Graphics technologies and Virtual and Augmented Reality
, producing new software tools for innovative activities in the areas of civil and industrial design, scientific visualization, e-learning.


The three-dimensional graphic simulation is a technique based on mathematical models to represent three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional image.
The method of production of 3D computer graphics is composed of two elements: a scene, composed of mathematical representations of three-dimensional objects, called “models”, and a mechanism of production for a 2D image from the scene, said “rendering engine”; this implements all calculations for creation of image, through algorithms that simulate the behavior of light and the optical and physical properties of objects and materials.



ItalSystem s.r.l. operates to implement platform software for graphics simulation systems in the aviation field. For example, this kind of platform can used to train ground personnel for maintenance and installation of avionics equipment.

As far as involvement of ItalSystem s.r.l. in Computer Graphic activities concerns, the main application fields are:

  • Creation of interactive and animated 3D models
  • three-dimensional visualization
  • augmented reality

The ability to use these technologies in different contexts such as training, presentation and navigation within virtual three-dimensional scenes (aircraft, train) allows the company to offer both complete products and advisory services.

Italsystem s.r.l. personnel is highly skilled in using the following tools:

  • Catia V5
  • AutoDesk 3DStudio Max
  • Open GL
  • 3D Slicer

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