[cml_media_alt id='65']aidaa_logo[/cml_media_alt]L’A.I.D.A.A.

( Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics ) is a nonprofit cultural organization that aims to bring together people, Industries and Institutions interested in scientific activities, aeronautical and space technology.

It was founded  in Rome on 2nd  July , in 1920 by a group of aviation pioneers as Italian Association of Aerotecnica, it has assumed its current name on December 15, 1969 with the merger with the Italian Association Rockets. People and institutions that have an interest to follow the activities and studies about aeronautics and space can be members of A.I.D.A.A.

A specific section is for students, whether they attend courses at the University or secondary school. The A.I.D.A.A. promotes its activities through the organization of conferences, lectures, round tables, competitions for studies and research, publications of papers in “Aerotecnica Missili e Spazio” journal.

A.I.D.A.A. maintains close working relationships with national and international cultural Institutions and, in particular, it is a member of the International Astronautical Federation, the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences and the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies.

Every two years AIDAA organizes the National Congress in different cities, where members present the results of studies and the latest research in the aeronautical and space area.

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