ItalSystem considers industrial research as a key element to guarantee a continuous improvement of know-how and technologies, with the aim of providing innovative products and services. Since 2010, Italsystem is Prime Partner for several R&D European Project focused on the Design, Development and Certification of Control Board dedicated to Electromechanical Actuation Systems.

The know-how, is consolidated by various experiences on Research and Development Project: the company collaborates with Universities and research centres as CIRA, Fraunhofer-ENAS, Technalia, INSA, University of Naples Federico II, University di Salerno, Politecnico di Milano etc. Since 2014 ItalSystem is Core Partner Clean Sky 2, with AIRGREEN2 consortium.

ITS-ECU21 is the outcome of two decades knowledge in Aerospace SW Qualification (up to DAL A) and more recent experience in Electronic System’s Design and Implementation.  Conceived with a modular approach, aiming to be compliant to Multi-purpose Requirements, ITS-ECU21 can be used for handling and control of any type of mobile surface and, thanks to its small size, set up into different aeronautical Subsystems.

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