Avionic System

ItalSystem has more than 10 years of experience in design, development validation and verification of aeronautical safety-critical systems in compliance with the most sever military and civil standards, such as DO-178B.

Virtual Simulation

ItalSystem supports its customers in developing virtual simulators for military and civil aeronautical applications with the aim to support pilot and maintenance personnel training.

Web Application

ItalSystem provides ICT solutions in developing web applications based on the latest technologies, such as J2EE and MySQL, for the management of business systems and business services available via web.

Research & Development

ItalSystem has been involved since 2001 alongside academic institutions and large companies for the success of research projects with the objective to transfer acquired knowledge into innovative products.

Technical Pubblications

ItalSystem offers solutions for authoring, management and publishing of technical publications in various areas in accordance with the standard S1000D using ItalSystem’s products.


ItalSystem offers several solutions for efficient business management using SAP or through ad-hoc designed products for SMEs compliant with the EN-ISO 9100.

CleanSky 2 Partner

ItalSystem s.r.l. is Clean Sky partner with the Airgreen2 project within the Horizon 2020 programme

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Embedded Systems

Software (RTOS, Middleware, Application, etc.) development and configuration for embedded system compliance with DO-178B/C

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CAD, CFD and FEM solutions to support customers and R&D in automotive, railway and aerospace fields

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News & Events

SAP COURSE – ABAP/4 - ItalSystem s.r.l. provides specialized SAP training courses aimed at acquiring of the main skills in ABAP 4 programming and the notions of base of the logistic modules concerning the Master Data Management and MM (Material Management), with particular focus in the aeronautic field.
AMULET - The main objectives of the AMULET (Advanced Control Unit for Morphing Leading Edge Management) project are the design and the development of a compact control device for Morphing Leading Edge application
SWING - The SWING Project (Smart WIng for New Generation UAV for Civilian Use) aims to study composite materials, composite material processes, composite structure design methods, Actuation Systems and Health Monitoring Methodologies to be applied for an civil UAV aircraft.
Leonardo Qualification - On 7th of July 2017, Italsystem acquired new Leonardo Qualified Supplier Certification for Engineering Activities within the Civil and Military Aerospace systems.
FASE-LAG – EMA - The development of a more electrical aircraft is a technological transition applied or envisioned for almost all the systems in the aircrafts and helicopters.

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