The virtual simulation team of ItalSystem s.r.l. offers services and solutions to support virtual simulator development for aeronautical applications.


Italsystem has gained a strong background in virtual simulation applied to aeronautical filed. Italsystem participates to the development and integration of Ground Based Training System (GBTS) for several aeronautical programs. GBTS is a suite of Training Devices and Mission Planning systems to be used for the training of the Air Force crews in the conduct of the aircraft and related systems.The main training systems that make up the are:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT) for the training of pilots and maintenance technicians.
  • Simulation Based Training (SBT) for procedural training of pilots.
  • Flight Training Device (FTD) for pilot training.
  • Mission Planning and Debriefing Station (MPDS) to support both students and the instructors in the planning and debriefing phases.
  • Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) for training maintenance technicians.


Particulary Italsystem has worked in following programs:

  • Development of Simulation model (NAWSARH) for AW101 VMT (Virtual Maintenance Training)
  • Development, Integration and System Engineering simulation systems of M-346
  • Development and Integration Mission Support System of M346
  • Development, Integration and System Engineering simulation systems of M-345
  • Development and Integration Mission Support System of M345
FTD (•    Flight Training Device) on left and CBT (Computer Based Training) on right

Company is involved both in Graphical Activities (Interactive and animated 3D models, 2D and 3D View Simulation) and in Engineering activities (Development of model dynamics and Re-host of FCC software):

  • Design according to aeronautical standards (e.g. FAA-AC-120-40B)
  • Hardware design and procurement
  • Hardware/Software integration (on-board SW re-host)
  • Modelling communication bus (e.g. MIL-STD-1553B, etc.)
  • Development of virtual environment for tactical training
  • Production of teaching materials based on customer specifications
  • Testing and certification of software released to suppliers
  • Production of documentation according to customer specifications
  • Modelling and development of several simulation elements (aircraft physics, cockpit animation, etc.)
  • Development of the aircraft systems and subsystems
  • Development of simulation tools
  • Development of teaching materials based on customer requirements
  • Development and integration with real aircraft instruments/devices
  • Training of personnel: customers are allowed to use both basic (general user client) and advanced (customer editor of educational materials) tools
  • Management of electrical diagrams (Wiring Diagrams)
  • Delivery to the final customer (Air Force)
  • Activity of customer training about the using of developed tools
  • On field Customer support
  • Constant innovation with updates on the latest hardware and software technologies
VMT (Virtual Maintenance Training) developed by Italsystem

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