ItalSystem s.r.l. was founded in 1996 and operates in the Information Technologies and Engineering sector, particularly in the areas of Avionic software, Telecommunications and consulting. Since its foundation ItalSystem s.r.l. collaborates with some of the major aeronautical companies and is qualified supplier of Leonardo SPA, ATR, Thalese Alenia Space spa, ESA (European Space Agency) and CIRA (Italian aerospace research centre).

The Company is certificated ISO 9100:2016 and operates in conformity with the RTCA and EUROCAE standards (DO178C, DO160, DO254, MIL-STD-498, etc.).



The Staff is composed by highly skilled resources of which more than 90% has a master degree in Engineering or Computer Science, with a strong know-how in development of HW/SW applications, aerospace platforms and R&D projects.

The company has worked on many software and electronic applications, developed in the aerospace field (realtime critical systems, control boxes, etc.). The main Company expetise are:

  1. Development of certificated embedded systems for safety critical applications (both HW and SW)
  2. Graphic simulators and training systems
  3. ICT applications
  4. Research and Development

Since 2017 Italsystem has heavily invested in acquiring new skills as regards the development of embedded systems for safety critical applications, especially in the field of Model Based Design and Electronic development.


Main aerospace programs

Italsystem has been involved in several aerospace programs, particularly in the design, development and verification & validation of Safety Critical software for real-time embedded system and virtual simulation.

ItalSystem s.r.l. operates both on civil and military projects devoted to avionics systems (aerospace, aeronautic and defence).

Aircraft Program

Helicopters Program




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