ItalSystem s.r.l. is engaged in the design, development and verification&validation of Safety Critical software for Real-Time Embedded Systems.
ItalSystem s.r.l. operates in both civil and military fields on avionic systems in the Aerospace, Aeronautics and Defence sectors.

The company has worked on many software and electronic applications, mainly developed in the aerospace field (real-time data management and ICT applications and systems). Since 2017, Italsystem has invested heavily in the acquisition of new skills in the development of embedded systems for safety critical applications, particularly in the field of Model Based Design and electronic development.

Embedded SW design and development

Most activities are carried out in compliance with various standards, such as DO-178C/DAL A, B. ItalSystem s.r.l. has a long experience in embedded systems and avionic software regarding all phases of the SW life cycle: project management & planning, design, development, testing, V&V..

Model Based Design SW development approach

In recent years, Italsystem has acquired strong know-how in SW development with a Model Based Design approach, during the execution of numerous research and development projects and some industrial programmes. Italsystem is able to design and produce custom HW and integrate it into an MBD SW development process.

Electronic design and development

Italsystem is able to perform all stages of electronic design up to prototype development and industrialisation:

  • Design of analogue and digital hardware (ORCAD, ALTIUM).
  • Development of customised electronic boards
  • Integration of electrical and electronic systems
  • Development of EGSE and test systems
  • Integration of monitoring and control systems (HW and SW)
  • Complex HW integration
  • Development of real-time control systems (DSP, Zynq Xilinx FPGA, SOC and microcontroller technologies)

Italsystem has laboratory equipment to perform electrical and electronic tests.

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