[cml_media_alt id='102']technical_pubblications[/cml_media_alt]ItalSystem s.r.l., in collaboration with universities and research institutions, has extended its offer to the Customer Support for technical publications, related to following activities: Authoring and the design of advanced platforms for the use of technical manuals.

The strategic choices have guided the team to the standard S1000D, an international specification for creating, managing and maintaining technical publications within the civil sector Aerospace, Military & Defense (A & D). S1000D is used by many organizations developing equipment for the A & D industry, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft operators, shipbuilders, builders of land systems, producers of most types of complex equipment designed for defense in the world. The development of an intelligent, flexible and dynamic platform, for the publication of technical manuals in multi format (Mobile, tablet, PC) and search content, can be achieved thanks to the skills in aeronautical industry standards and the presence of a web area expert in distributed systems SOA with an area of 3D graphics simulation.

[cml_media_alt id='103']zoning[/cml_media_alt]The developed platform integrates the ability to “learn knowledge” about the equipment described in step authoring S1000D compliant with the ability to publish information on multi devices. The platform integrates an advanced “intelligent” search feature and self coaching thanks to a level of knowledge designed with the modern techniques of knowledge management and semantic elements. The definition of ontological models domain is the starting point for the formalization in OWL – Web Ontology Language of the “knowledge base”.


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