Seagull Zero-e Project goal is to develop and validate new design methods and new electrical systems able to serve as a bridge for future full electric aircrafts (Zero Emission).

Italsystem, as leader of Consortium,  aims to identify tech solutions capable to convert Seagull Aircraft, currently available with endothermic and hybrid-electric propulsion, into a full electric aircraft.

Main changes of aerospace filed are actually focused on the development of a more efficient flight performance that may also fit eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility.

This vision, related to flight propulsion system on aircrafts, translates into innovative configurations, drastically reducing the fossil fuel dependency.

These targets are defined into European Commission Environmental tech guidelines  “Flightpath 2050 Vision for Aviation

They includes:

  • 75% CO2 reduction, 90% NOx reduction and 65% reduction of noise level;
  • Zero Emissions on taxiing phase;
  • Make Europe world leader on development of sustainable alternative fuels.

Seagull Zero-e objectives :

  • Conduct rapid interdisciplinary feasibility assessments for electrical propulsions configurations for aircraft and mission profiles;
  • Investigate improvement chances in terms of overall aircraft performance, with new generation full electric counter-rotating propeller systems;
  • Explore energy harvesting technologies in order to identify, capture, store and reuse energy during flight or take-off, landing or taxiing;
  • Explore advanced storage technologies that may have the potential to meet aerospace requirements (es. performances, safety, etc.) for  hybrid-electric propulsion systems and fuel supply systems;
  • Identify possible solutions for Electromagnetic Interference and Thermal Management at overall System Level;

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