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Clean Sky is a “Joint Technology Initiative” in order  to develop innovative technologies to reduce the environmental impact. Clean Sky is a European project of the program CLEANSKY sector EcoDesign, ITD Leader Dassault Aviation.

The Joint Technology Initiative “Clean Sky” brings together partners from the public and private sectors in order to develop transport aircraft able to combine respect for the environment, innovation and competitiveness.

In this important context Italsystem Srl signed a consortium agreement with ITD Ecodesign that sees as leader Dassault Aviation.

The – Project SMART – “ Saber Model Automatic tRanslation Tool, a software for Saber models conversion to multi-systems simulation platforms – Clean SKY 7th PQ Area di ricerca ECO-DESIGN “ – was born from the need to develop a software tool able to convert models of electrical network from SABER format to other types of multi-system simulation tools (for example, MODELICA, EASY-5, CATIA V6, …)

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