ItalSystem s.r.l. provides support for its customers during all Electronic System Development Process, starting from Planning and Design to Product industrialization:

Progettazione e sviluppo elettronico

Italsystem is able to carry out all phases of electronic design up to the development of the prototype and its industrialization:

  • Analogue and digital hardware design (ORCAD, ALTIUM) and Circuit simulation.
  • Development of custom electronic cards
  • Integration of electrical and electronic systems
  • Development of EGSE (Electrical Ground Ssupport Equipment) and testing systems
  • Integration of monitoring and control systems (HW and SW)
  • Development of HW prototype
  • Real-time system development (DSP, Zynq Xilinx FPGA, SOC and microcontroller technologies)
  • VHDL language and FPGA

ItalSystem has laboratory equipment to perform electrical and electronic tests and is also equipped with a 3D printer.


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