Since 2010, ItalSystem is Prime Partner for several R&D European Project focused on the Design, Development and Certification of Control Board dedicated to Electromechanical Actuation Systems. 

ITS-ECU21 is the result of two decades of knowledge in aerospace software qualification (DO-178C DAL A) and in the design and implementation of electronic systems.


Conceived with a modular approach, aiming to be compliant to Multi-purpose Requirements, ITS-ECU21 can be used for handling and control of any type of mobile surface and, thanks to its small size,  to be configured for the management of multiple aeronautical subsystems..

The device is able to drive and control actuators in 200W1000W range.

It is fully compatible with Mathworks Tools (Matlab/Simulink) and Model Based Design Approach for flight software design and qualification (DO-178C).


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