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has the purpose to increase the potential of the aerospace industry bell promoting the large capacity of the research system and the production system in this sector.

The aerospace sector in Campania has a great commitment from the regional government. Campaniaerospace

relies on different initiatives to promote the growth of the industry with the aim of:

  • transform the research projects in successful business ventures, through the establishment of closer cooperation between industry, research and innovation;
  • promote the capacity of aggregation and networking in order to increase economies of scale and scope;
  • promote research activities based on the industrial interest and oriented to technology transfer of results;
  • facilitate companies to invest in emerging high-tech fields;
  • give more support to SMEs, promoting their products / services abroad and in the search for new partnerships and commissions;
  • promote participation in the most significant and strategic European projects.


The competitive advantages are acquired through continuous technological innovation of products; the region has increased the share of investment in research and development and in higher education human capital, focusing on managerial skills. Even the infrastructure projects, that should be implemented in the short and medium term, belong to the framework of the actions to support this sector.

The training of human resources assumes a leading role in a high-tech industry such as aerospace. The companies in Campania can count on a number of public and private institutions, research centers and universities internationally renowned and highly qualified in aerospace.

The regional education in aerospace is based on 23 degree courses offered by 5 universities (University of Naples Federico II, University of Naples (SUN), Parthenope University, University of Sannio and University of Salerno). There are  numerous courses and master’s programs.

In addition there is the historical presence of the Air Force Military, that was founded in 1923 at the Reggia di Caserta and it built the official pilots and engineers of Italian Air Force in Campania. At Caserta, however, there has been the seat of the Italian Air Force NCO School Specialists since 1948.

The research keeps the role of making the Campania system more competitive globally through centers of excellence, such as the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), the District on ‘engineering of polymeric and composite materials and structures (IMAST) the Microgravity Advanced Research and Support Center (Mars), the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of the National Research Council, and the Regional Centre of Competence for Transport (Technology Environment Safety Transport – TEST).

It’s is hard to find in other regions this concentration of companies, universities, research centers and military academies. This is a considerable asset to the growth of regional and national aerospace system.

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