[cml_media_alt id='153']elearning[/cml_media_alt]ItalSystem s.r.l collaborates with universities and research institutions to extend its offer to the E-learning, as a multimedia agency for the design of multimedia courses. ItalSystem realizes the entire project, both graphic and software development.

Internet and multimedia technology skills, combined with the considerable expertise acquired in the three-dimensional graphic simulation, allow ItalSystem s.r.l. to improve the quality of learning.  This facilitates the access to resources and services, as well as remote exchanges and collaboration.

talSystem s.r.l. works on E-learning platforms LMS and it produces interactive and three-dimensional Learning Objects for the aviation industry, utilizing the best skills of its own team.

ItalSystem s.r.l is engaged in the business of customizing of SOA platforms E-learning for interactive training systems in the aviation industry.  This platform is used to train ground staff for maintenance aircraft.

  • Authoring of interactive and animated Learning Object 3D
  • Customizing and integration of Learning Management System
  • Three-dimensional graphic
  • Design of multimedial courses

The main objectives of the the E-learning activities are the enhancement of multimedia, that is the effective integration of different media and improving interactivity with materials, to support the customized study paths and to optimize the learning.

ItalSystem used tools like the open source platform Moodle ™, consolidated Compliant LMS SCORM ™ and  Learning Object in Adobe Captivate ™ or CourseLab ™ tools for authoring; all is increased by  technological capabilities of three-dimensional graphics.

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