Italsystem participates to metting “General States Space, Security, Defence”

Italsystem take part to meeting, “General States Space, Security, Defence”, held in Naples the 06 December 2019, having for object the next challenges, in Aerospace environment, for european industry.

It’s of few day ago the news thats describe the approbation, of the European Parlament, of the new spacial program, wich propose an dotation of 16 miliard of euro in the next bilance 2021/2027

the policies for the space will can, furthermore, using of the funds for the innovation and the research planned in the program Orizzonte Europa, for its the european commission has propose an dotation of 100 miliard of euro for the period 2021/2027, thats the european parlament want aument a 120 miliard of euro.

In the last years, the European Union has completed the placing in orbit of the satellite systems EGNOS, Copernico e Galileo, firsts phisics infrastructure european, that nobody single State member would have been able to accomplish.

In a world always plus dominate from gigants like China, United States, Russia or India, the Europe must, therefore, to merge the forces for to do front at the challenges that has to front, also in terms of autonomy strategic.

The european Parliament and the European Commission consider the policy for the Space, the Security, the Cyber security and the Defence, sectors in which an action a Ue level has a strong added value, in the interess of citizens and company.

The government is represented from Lorenzo Guerini, Minister of defence, Paola De Micheli, Minister for the infrastructures, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Minister of the Instruction,University and Research and Riccardo Fraccaro, subsecretary at Presidency of the Council with delegate to Space.

Other intervents institutionals, they are reported those of Johann-Dietrich Worner, Director General of the European Space Agency, Giorgio Saccoccia, President of the Italian Space Agency, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Vice President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, President of the Constitutional Affairs Commission and of the Conference of Presidents of the Commissions of the European Parliament and the General Claudio Graziano, President of the Military Committee of the European Union.


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