Mind is web platform providing a suite of services for creating, managing, searching and publishing technical publications according to standard S1000D (up to issue 4). Mind is the ideal solution for the company that shall be compliant with S1000D standard and is looking for tool and services all included in a single web solution with a user-friendly interface.

In last two decades, the increasing number of documents to be often updated and to be preserved by any kind of corruption, made a challenging issue storing and consulting huge manuals, even if digitized.

Starting from experience and knowledge gained during “TINAPICA” research project, ItalSystem developed the Mind platform, an ideal product for companies to manage technical publications according to standard S1000D.

Mind can be used using PC (compatible with MAC OS, Linux Debian, MS Win) tablet and smartphone (compatible with Android and IOS compatible) with high level of security thanks to SSL/TLS protocol or subsequent SSL/TLS evolution and encryption methods for uploaded data and documents.

The Mind Technical Publication System is composed by two main parts:

Documents: set of technical publications necessary to support the product (text plus illustration, plus video, etc.)

Software: the toolbox which allows the complete creation/development and fruition of the publication set.

In particular, Mind System shall manage as input data:

  • Legacy manual in PDF document (like Flight Manual)
  • DMs in XML form and related 2D/3D illustrations, created according to S1000D issue 3.0 or higher in relation to each program requirements
  • 2D illustration formats to be support: CGM, GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG, SVGZ, TIFF
  • 3D illustration formats to be support: WRL, WRZ, X3D, U3D, PDF 3D, 3DMLW, 3DXML, RH, xvmrl.

The Mind is a service oriented web platform providing all necessary tools needed by administrators and users. The main features are reported below:

  • Manage software configuration
  • Transfer data repository
  • Users Management
  • Customer functionalities
  • Email service
  • Customer Database Creation
  • Notes Management
  • Bookmarks Management
  • Navigation functionalities
  • Search functionalities
  • Dynamic Data Module aggregation
  • Print document
  • Warning and Caution mask
  • Multi language support
  • TPDN/SIPE/PCR database and management
  • Configuration panel
  • Digital signature

Mind customers and users could rely on ItalSystem continue support and constant update of Mind product. Moreover, ItalSystem high-skilled personnel can assure the most efficient way to customize Mind services and tools in order to better meet customer needs.

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