[cml_media_alt id='165']smart[/cml_media_alt]SMART is a software tool that allows the conversion of models of electrical networks implemented with SABER. It makes them compatible with other tools for the simulation of multiphysics systems (MODELICA, EASY-5, CATIA V6, …).

A model of the electrical network analysis constitutes a representation of an electrical platform test. This model must be representative of the electrical behavior of the entire apparatus and the correct representation must be ensured both in the regime and during transients. Furthermore, the model considers the changes of the operating point because of mechanical, thermal, environmental variations (for example, for the displacements of the mechanical load in terms of speed and torque for actuators / engines, changes of voltage and transients on the network due to the variations of external parameters, etc.).

The model also has other functions:

  • to support the verification and validation activities: each test can be simulated in order to verify the good behavior of the model;
  • to investigate the verification and validation activities : the calibrated model is able to provide information which have not been measured during a test, and they are necessary for the analysis;
  • to size components: the model can be used as a sizing tool for the requirements specification of some components of the physical platform (for example, filters, and heat sinks).

The analysis model of the electrical network and the rig pursue together the same purposes. The rig extends the model to the physical phenomena that are not modeled, the model simulates configurations or modifications of the parameters that cannot be physically performed on the rig. Furthermore, the model of the electrical network will have the capacity to anticipate the problems on the test, and it will be also used to extend the system in specific configurations (business jets, regional aircraft and helicopters). The model of electrical network for the analysis will be based on the integration of models of products provided by manufacturers. Most of these models should be provided in SABER format, while the electrical network should be developed using simulation tools oriented to the multi-system. Therefore, the main step for the modeling activities of multi-system will be the conversion into non-proprietary models that use free libraries as MODELICA (CATIA V6) or EASY-5. Hence, it needs to develop a software tool able to convert the electrical network models from SABER format to other types of multi-system simulation tools (for example, MODELICA, EASY-5, CATIA V6, … ). This tool accepts as input a generic SABER model and it gives as output a subject compatible with other computer language. It is called S.M.A.R.T. (Saber Model Automatic Translation Tool).

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