The SWING Project (Smart WIng for New Generation UAV for Civilian Use) aims to study composite materials, composite material processes, composite structure design methods, Actuation Systems and Health Monitoring Methodologies to be applied for an civil UAV aircraft.

Italsystem in involved in this project (founded by MISE) with other major national companies, in order to improve the pre-competitive advantage of the Italian aerospace industry in the growing market of remote-controlled aircraft (UAV).

The objectives of this project are:

1. Make demonstrator of a UAV swing in composite material and test it statically. The target is to reduce the weight at least of 10% respect the usage of classic material and to reduce the cost at least of 5%.

The main challenge is the availability of a composite materials database to use in design: the qualification process of the material is a technological barrier if you want to certify an aeronautical product. The very high certification cost is a limit and usually only the major aerospace OEMs can face it.  One goal of the project is to qualify at least two materials.

2. Develop an Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) and related control unit (ECU) to integrate in the wing. The target is to implement a highly critical actuation system (DAL A, a failure on 10-9 FH).

ItalSystem was selected for the design and development of the ECU, due to its twenty-year experience in the design and certification of avionic and embedded systems.

Project progress 100%

Project completed

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