ASTIB is specifically focused on contributing to generate technological advancements to be implemented in a future Green Regional Aircraft (GRA);

its main objectives are to support the improvement of the Technological Readiness Level up to above TRL 5 for a number of significant electrical equipment that are being considered of critical importance for the future GRA. This will help supporting industrial application decisions for future deployments of GRA.

In particular, ASTIB will develop:

  • Electromechanical actuators (EMAs) with their associated electronic control units (ECUs) for selected flight control surfaces Winglet and Wigtip with morphing capabilitues
  • Electrically actuated one main and one nose landing gears
  • Reliable prognostics and health management functions for the electromechanical actuators
  • An advanced multi-functional integration, verification and validation test rig (“Iron Bird”)
  • Contribution to the development of a health monitoring validation platform
  • Tools for evaluation of the benefits of an integrated health monitoring platform

Italsystem is responsible for the design and SW development for the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of WINGTIP and WINGLET. The movement of these particular surfaces is achieved by advanced electromechanical actuators with local digital control units and a central flight control computer that, on board the aircraft, acts as a supervisor by verifying and adjusting in real time the performance of the active aerodynamic load control and distribution system (Load Control & Alleviation) to optimize aircraft attitude, performance and fuel consumption in the various phases of flight.

Specifically, the WingTip is equipped with a movable part of about 80 centimeters capable of a maximum rotation of ±15 degrees (photo 2), while the WingLet is a vertical end flap with a height of about 1 meter and is composed of two independent movable parts, each with a maximum rotation between +5 degrees and -15 degrees.

Verification of implementation algorithms at the bench


WINGLET and WINGTIP integration tests at TECNAM



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