[cml_media_alt id='46']seaside[/cml_media_alt]Expand as much as possible the safe operation in all weather , and much more in icing conditions, of the small aircraft is one of the key point. Aircraft De-Icing System is one of the most power demanding onboard systems and for this reason small aircrafts are sometimes limited in icing operation.
This is much more true if we consider that small aircraft (SAT) area affected by limited space availability for system installation and that due to the low volume of this general aviation market sometimes is not easy to find the Systems supply chain ready to afford requirements coming from SAT OEMs at a relative low cost (there is a sort of market failure).
SEASIDE Project – Smart Electro-expulsive System for SAT Aircrafts De-Icing – aims at solving the above issues by developing an innovative compact and low cost “Hybrid Electro-Expulsive De-Icing System” for the Piaggio P180 aircraft complying with CS23 Appendix C.
Objective of SEASIDE project is to analyze, design, develop, test in an Ice Wind Tunnel Test (IWT) and deliver to the Topic Manager a prototype of Hybrid (thermal and electro-expulsive) De-Icing system having the following expected targets: a continuous Power demand for meter on wing span of 0.6KW.

In addition an objective of SEASIDE Project is to revitalize the European System Supply Chain dedicated to Ice protection System for SAT community by creating suitable low power ice protection system technology at a relative low cost. An economic evaluation will be done at the end of the project


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